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International Women´s - Peace Festival

March 06.-08., 2020

Aim – Roadway to Peace

The International Women´s Peace Festival aims to address a high number of Palestinian women to learn about the importance of women in peace process and the necessity of women´s economic empowerment based on UNSCR 1325, Women, Peace and Security

The International Women´s Peace Festival aims to bring relevant local and international media, politicians, activists and artists to Bethlehem to learn about a sustaining, participative and inclusive women´s peace accord that will lead to the establishment of a self-determined, free State of Palestine alongside a State of Israel based on respective UN laws. *


On International Women's Day, Palestinian and international women's organisations call on the United Nations and the respective governments for immediate peace negotiations and the inclusion of women in all phases of talks and implementation.
Not only do women pay the highest price in conflicts, they are also denied equal access to decision-making processes and the most important economic and political offices.
But what if women conducted the peace negotiations?
A United Nations resolution advocates precisely this scenario.
Since October 2000, the Security Council has called all member states that women shall be included in peace talks on an equal footing.
On th 20th birthday we are calling for the implementation of this "Resolution 1325" with an International women's peace festival.

The Festival

From March 06 to 08 2020, women's organisations will be inviting visitors to Manger Square:
- Round tables at which Women write Peace
- 40 information stands exhibiting the diversity of peace and women's organisations
-a stage program with music and performances from Palestine and the world
- local craft stands and delicacies of the Cooking for Peace women
- a "children's future place"
- Art Installations that calls people from all over the world to stand up for a “women´s peace”

1325 Conference at the Peace Center

120 Palestinian and international experts will be present at the Peace Centre for:
- workshops about UN Women, Women's Rights and relevant United Nations resolutions
- Presentation of best practice examples of successful international women's campaigns
- Network on economic empowerment of Palestinian women e.g. with the Palestinian city partners
- High Level - Round tables of Palestinian and international 1325 organisations on the
implementation of UNSCR 1325


A gentle revolution began in Bethlehem almost 2000 years ago. Charity, non-violence, justice and kindness as universal basic principles have been shared with the world from here.
In 2020 Bethlehem invites women and men, from all over the world, all ages and cultures, Atheists, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims and simply Humans, to work with those principles for a diplomatic peace.


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